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Upskill and Grow A Career

upskill-img1The modern world of arboriculture is a far cry from the days arborists used noisy equipment and lifted heavy things.

Making the effort and spending the time to study and achieve the relevant arboriculture qualifications can lead to a lifelong journey in one of the most diverse industries and will build a skill base that can be used anywhere in the world.

There are plenty of opportunities to up-skill and become qualified through AHC20513 Certificate II and AHC30810 Certificate III in Arboriculture. These certificates are currently recognised as the minimum standards of qualification to be classed as a ground/tree worker or arborist.

The AHC20513 Certificate II in Arboriculture is designed as an entry- level qualification that equips new personnel with the essential skills to start a career in the industry. The AHC30810 Certificate III in Arboriculture qualification is a further pathway for existing arboriculture workers.

Training For Trees provides training and assessments in live worksite-based training venues. Students can participate fully in all training aspects under the expert guidance of industry-based trainers. This tried-and-tested format of students undertaking off-site training to supplement workplace learning has proven that students are more engaged and focused because they can learn at their own pace, away from the busy worksite. A comprehensive learning environment is essential to enhancing the student’s ability to succeed.

There is a current skills shortage in the arboriculture industry. With the financial assistance currently available, now is a good time to think about taking those first steps towards a true tree change career and become a recognised and qualified arborist.

It is a proven fact that companies heavily investing in ongoing training for staff generally demonstrate high standards of workmanship and are most likely to win the best contracts.

The results of training are usually visible in the improvement of safety and productivity in the workplace, teamwork, equipment care, customer relations and, ultimately, profit margin. Even experienced operators benefit greatly from training and regular updates.

For anyone unable to or unsure about undertaking full qualifications there is also short courses, which lead to completion of individual units of competency. These units do not attract the generous government funding of the full qualifications but can be used towards the final qualification outcome and are recognised Australia wide. Short courses can be attended in all aspects of the arboriculture and forestry industry, such as elevated work platforms, first aid, AC/DC, chainsaw maintenance, tree felling from basic to advanced, tree inspections, risk assessment, pruning, climbing and aerial rescue.

Independent training and assessment increases staff retention, safety, awareness, productivity and efficiency. Remember to schedule regular refresher and update training sessions.

For full trade level qualifications and apprenticeship pathways to meet the industry standard requirement, enquire about the AHCARB20513 Certificate II in Arboriculture and AHCARB30810 Certificate III in Arboriculture today. Funding incentives currently apply to eligible applicants and their employers in Queensland.

“Safety Rules”

Enrol now for Cert II or III Arboriculture. Contact Training For Trees for short course RPL or refresher training needs. For more information please visit or email


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