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Resilient As Ever

We are now past the festive season and have had a welcome start to 2021. As we look forward to moving away from the awful events of the past year, let’s hope we can find some sort of normal life (whatever normal is) and just continue to strive to survive.

Action and Reaction

As ever at Training for Trees we are following the example of the nature, reacting, adapting and evolving within a whole new world that is emerging.

As I am writing this, the pandemic continues and looks like it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future, borders open, borders close, breaches, outbreaks.

In nature as with trees in particular every action causes a reaction and usually following on from natural disasters – such as fire, flood, pest and disease – after a while the reactive forces develop and adapt and you will begin to see signs of recovery everywhere in nature and the environment.

We need to follow the examples of trees and nature and develop some sound reactions to our actions, for example to practise social distancing and good hygiene practices, be responsible for our actions and consider our environment.

When Nature Reclaims The World

Author | Peter Chaffin

During the lockdown we have seen the nature strive. As arborists what can we do to help the nature and the environment recover and regenerate?

What a year this is turning out to be with the pandemic and the new terminology of these “unprecedented times” and “flattening the curve!”

As we are the lucky ones that are able to look around us and take stock /reschedule our lives, we see many examples of people and nature rebuilding, repairing and striving to survive.



As ever at TFT we are following the course of nature and seem to be forever reacting and evolving within a whole new world.

So as we all begin to escape our safe isolation restrictions and anxiously await the result of large gatherings and hope for a lack of community transmission, we may well be on the way back to normality, although we don’t know yet when we will be able to call life normal again. 

Anyway, during the lockdown stay home time, it got me thinking that what really matters is that everyone should just work together and look after themselves and their families.

Climbing Arborists And EWP Operators

Author | Peter Chaffin

As I write this, we are finally seeing green again, after a year’s worth of rain fell in a matter of days – with heat, storms and humidity at record levels – no wonder everyone is looking forward to the winter.

At TFT we are busy with a full cohort of students, some who are graduating as trade and Diploma level arborists and some who are just beginning the journey towards achieving their goals.


Chippers, Training and Skills Shortages

Author | Peter Chaffin

Skill shortages, predictions of growth of the arboricultural industry and high standards both in training and work practices are the ‘hot’ topic of this summer issue.

As I write this, here comes 2020 along with summer heat, storms and at last some much needed rain. At Training For Trees we are busy with our current cohort of students and fitting everything in before the big fella aka Santa arrives with a sack full of goodies!

Hopefully, after last month’s edition, you have had a chance to consider your pruning standards and practices and that you continue to realise that you are part of a profession which is a bit like a family, made up from some of the most wonderful individuals involved in the arboricultural industry the world over.

Myths and Legends

Author | Peter Chaffin

This month we answer a few questions frequently raised at training classes. We also look into how to qualify as a professional arborist.

I write this as we head into tax time and beautiful winter temperatures which, after the long hot summer, are making tree work really acceptable – working without your eyes steaming up with sweat, yes how lucky are we? Winter in Queensland really is the time to be an arborist.

Becoming Qualified

Author | Peter Chaffin

A major review of the arboricultural training package and its components is underway. Get involved now and help make the change for good.

Welcome to winter which in South East Queensland is just amazing!

There is a lot happening in our wonderful arboricultural industry at the moment, with probably the most significant overhaul of our industry training package ever undertaken well and truly underway. This is a major review of the arboricultural training package and its components.

Safety Mission

Author | Peter Chaffin

This issue we look into a major review of the training packages and components which is currently underway as well as an audit on WHS White Card Certifications and everything you need to know about safety on the workplace.

Welcome to winter and the Easter bunny season. It’s so nice to feel cooler after the record breaking days above 30 degrees. There is a lot happening in our wonderful industry at the moment. Probably the most significant change underway is a major review of training packages and components, so I hope those of you that are interested in standards of training and its outcomes managed to get a look at the new proposals and sent in any comments you felt were relevant to Skills impact.

Strategy For Training

Words And Images | Peter Chaffin

There are some amazing employment opportunities out there at the moment with well trained and qualified arborists in high demand.

At Training For Trees we are proud to be educating the latest and potentially the greatest up and coming stars of our industry, who will be dedicated to providing a high class service to all things ‘arboricultural’. There are some amazing employment opportunities out there at the moment with well trained and qualified arborists in high demand.

Be a Star of Our Industry

Words And Images | Peter Chaffin

As I write this month’s editorial, Christmas decorations are for sale, the rain has finally arrived in SEQ and it’s amazing to see how fast the vegetation has changed from brown to green

It seems to have happened almost overnight. I’m constantly in awe as to how versatile, tough and adaptable our flora is and how our trees react and maximise their positions within their environment. This serves as a constant reminder of the great privileges we have in our chosen careers. As arborists we are able to work with the largest most amazing dynamic structural living things in the world on a daily basis in the “lucky country” where it sometimes never rain!


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